The Wayuu bags that we at Wayula carry are completely handmade, woven by the Wayuu people of Colombia, South America, over a period of about three weeks.

Once you see it, you'll never forget its beautiful textiles, color scheme, intricate weaving, and ease of use, giving it a brilliant charm unlike any other bag.

We want to spread the wonders of the Wayuu Bag and want people to use it, and we also want to provide financial support to local women, so we work closely with local women to create original Wayuu Bags. It was very successful.
That is our brand Wayuula .

We made our debut as a bag brand in 2018 by arranging the beautiful textiles and colors inherited from South America to suit modern lifestyles and making them 2-way with handles.

Top class quality

Wayuula bags are woven only by top local creators and are of top quality among Wayuula bags distributed around the world.

fair trade

By working directly with weavers without going through any middlemen, we listen to their wishes and wishes and are able to engage in fair and just transactions. Wayuula pays about 30% higher than the average distribution price.

Local contribution

We regularly donate and distribute hygiene products through our local Wayura staff. We have also received reports that our commitment to quality has resulted in improvements in the skills of all knitters.

Colombian indigenous people "Wayuu"

The Wayuu people are Colombia's largest indigenous people. They live with their families in a cluster of 5-6 houses called a rancheria in the desert region of Guajira Peninsula, the northernmost tip of Colombia, South America.

They are called ``desert people,'' living in a region that cannot be called rich and are exposed to the threat of natural disasters such as drought, famine, and floods, but they maintain their pride as a people with traditions and live in harmony with nature. I am.

Traditionally, Wayuu women learn from their mothers how to do all the household chores and how to weave Wayuu bags from an early age.

``Wayu Bag'' is something that can truly be called a ``treasure'' that has been passed down from mother to daughter.