About Wayuula

In 2016, while traveling in Mexico, I happened to come across a Wayuu bag at a shop. I was instantly captivated by its beauty. Later, I learned that the bag was made by Colombia's indigenous Wayuu people, and I became deeply interested in the history and culture behind it, so I started researching them. Just one month later, I visited Colombia's Guajira Department, home to the Wayuu people.

I visited the area and was surprised by their living conditions. They lived in a desert area prone to natural disasters such as droughts and floods, and had a difficult life without electricity or gas. However, they continued to maintain their traditional way of life, preserving the land and culture inherited from their ancestors. I was deeply impressed by their attitude and started thinking about ways to support their lives, even if just a little, through a business that also serves as financial support.

After that, we continued to research and prototype Wayu bags that are distributed around the world, and after about two years, we succeeded in creating a quality product that we can confidently sell both in Japan and around the world.

That is Wayula.

We debuted in Japan as a bag brand in 2018 and started opening stores at pop-up shops and exhibitions at department stores. I currently live in Spain for family reasons, but Wayuu bags are my passion. We have started selling Wayura not only in Japan but also in Europe, and we are working hard every day with the desire to continue spreading the word about its wonders.

Representative Miyoko Matsuyama

high quality

Wayuula bags are knitted only by top local creators. This is one of the highest quality Wayu bags available in the world.

fair trade

By working directly with weavers without going through any middlemen, we listen to their wishes and wishes and are able to engage in fair and just transactions. Wayuula pays about 30% higher than the average distribution price.

Local contribution

We regularly donate and distribute hygiene products through our local Wayura staff. We have also received reports that our commitment to quality has resulted in improvements in the skills of all knitters.

The Wayuu people are Colombia's largest indigenous people. They live with their families in a cluster of 5-6 houses called a rancheria in the desert region of Guajira Peninsula, the northernmost tip of Colombia, South America.

They are called ``desert people,'' living in a region that cannot be called rich and are exposed to the threat of natural disasters such as drought, famine, and floods, but they maintain their pride as a people with traditions and live in harmony with nature. I am.

Traditionally, Wayuu women learn from their mothers how to do all the household chores and how to weave Wayuu bags from an early age.

``Wayu Bag'' is something that can truly be called a ``treasure'' that has been passed down from mother to daughter.

Once you use Wayura, you will be amazed at how comfortable it is to use.

It's functional enough to be washed in your washing machine at home, has a load capacity of up to 10kg on both the handle and shoulder, beautiful textiles, and the soft touch that only a woven bag can provide.

Wayura can be used all season as a fashion accent.
I'm sure you'll fall in love with it too.